Welcome to the Pinewood Springs community Intranet. The unincorporated town of Pinewood Springs was impacted by the Colorado flooding event in September 2013. The purpose of the site is to serve as a central ‘marketplace’ for the displaced Pinewood Springs residents to reconnect with family, friends and their neighbors and to share and exchange information and resources.

I have suspended registration and updates for this site to avoid redundancy and confusion. There is a new website for Pinewood Springs Residents which aggregates information for the community – check it out at: http://mypinewoodhome.com/

This site’s intention is to provide a centralized and community driven platform where we can receive and discuss authoritative information coming from the different boards in our community (Fire board, Road board, Water board and POA board) on how we will reclaim/rebuild PWS. All board members have been informed about the existence of this tool. I will reopen registration of this site should the need arise, they know where to find me :)

Best wishes, Matt